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Exinda Launches Industry's First WAN Orchestration Platform
Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 02:08:58 PM

New approach to analyzing, utilizing, and scaling network resources better addresses rise in network complexity.

BOSTON, Mass. -- April 29, 2014 -- Exinda today announced the availability of Exinda Network Orchestrator, the industry's first WAN Orchestration solution architected to help network managers and administrators address a set of IT challenges that have become increasingly difficult to manage with traditional WAN solutions. The solution is the first of its kind to integrate monitoring, analytics, purpose-built reporting, prescriptive recommendations and actions such as traffic shaping and optimization into one orchestrated system.

Exinda Network Orchestrator is designed to help midsize enterprises, education institutions and service providers solve five critical IT problems: troubleshoot network problems quickly, enforce appropriate use of the network, ensure resources for critical applications, reduce WAN costs and support strategic IT projects. These problems were the top concerns reported by network professionals in a survey conducted by Exinda earlier this year.

"As we look to leverage a variety of new applications and services, both premise-based and in the cloud, we can no longer afford to use a passive WAN solution," said Mark Knight, IT operations controller for Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd. "Given the complexity of our network today, and anticipating our future needs, we require a more active and intelligent approach to WAN management. Exinda's Network Orchestrator fits our needs on every level."

The unprecedented growth in network activity caused by today's hyper-connected users has made conventional approaches to WAN management ineffective. Many of these solutions, which were designed more than a decade ago, have a narrow focus on traffic compression or caching, and fall short against today's network needs. This shortfall has compelled new research and innovation into the orchestration approach. Exinda's Network Orchestrator provides end-to-end orchestration to diagnose, recommend and repair application and network performance issues. This approach provides proactive network management to ensure reliable user experience across the applications, devices and activities that matter most to the organization today.

Exinda Network Orchestrator offers the following new features to IT professionals:

  • Recommendation Engine: Innovative capability that studies patterns and changes in the network to identify potential problems before they occur, automatically suggest modifications to repair issues, adjust policies and optimize performance.
  • Interactive Analytics: User experience enhancements to inspect and analyze network activities across users, applications, devices and locations. Enables users to troubleshoot complex issues quickly and improve the performance of applications and the productivity of users.
  • Purpose-Built Reports: A catalogue of purpose-built reports designed to provide specific solutions to common problems faced by network managers. Reports are categorized by WAN planning, application performance, network governance and critical IT project readiness.

"The network has evolved and network managers can no longer afford to apply passive, isolated solutions to a complex problem," said Michael Sharma, CEO at Exinda Networks. "Exinda's Network Orchestrator takes a proactive approach to managing the WAN environment, addressing multiple network performance challenges with one orchestrated system. As a result, we're enabling IT to better support and manage the influx of users, devices and applications on their networks."

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