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Exinda Application Performance
Orchestrate the perfect network

Not All Business Applications Are the Same

Applications like Salesforce, WebEx and Office 365 are implemented with the intention to improve operational efficiency and drive business success. The truth is, how an application performs is greatly impacted by the network it runs on and improving performance can’t be done with a one size fits all solution. Data, voice and video must each be treated differently to perform reliably.

Monitor and Understand Network Activity

We provide you deep insight into the users, devices, applications and activities on your network. A library of purpose-built reports, powerful analytics and predictive recommendations enable network teams to diagnose and resolve problems 3x faster.

Contain and Control Recreational Traffic

With Exinda on your network, recreational traffic like streaming video and P2P file sharing is easy to monitor and control. You can identify problem users, web sites and apps, and app¬ly automated policies to limit or prevent bandwidth allocation.

Guarantee Application Performance

With Exinda in place, applications perform as promised and user complaints drop by 75% or more. With the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, you can guarantee your most important applications always perform.