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Exinda for MSPs
Drive new revenue

Exinda's unique approach enables MSPs to create high value IT infrastructure services using layer 7 application visibility, interactive analytics and alerting, purpose-built customer reporting and proactive recommendations in a single cost-effective solution designed to drive new revenue.

Key Benefits for MSPs

Grow Revenue with New Services
Augment your existing remote infrastructure services with visibility and control of all applications and users. Differentiate from your competitors who only offer basic availability monitoring by providing 24x7 application performance monitoring, alerting and control.

Faster Problem Resolution
Make it easy for your team to identify, diagnose and fix customer application and network issues quickly. Interactive analytics, alerting and proactive recommendations help accelerate problem resolution time and ensure you can always meet customer SLAs.

Ensure Reliable Application User Experience for Your Customers
Our Application Performance Scoring sends your NOC staff automatic alerts so they can respond to issues faster and ensure customers' critical applications always perform as expected.

Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction
Show your customers how network resources are being used across all applications, users, devices and locations so they can benefit from a new level of service insight and transparency

Contain Your Customers Rising WAN Costs
Help customers control WAN costs, ensure they are getting the service levels committed by their ISPs, avoid costly burst rates and roll out new applications without having to add incremental infrastructure.

5 Ways MSPs can grow their business with Exinda’s Network Orchestration Solution

  1. Using Exinda, MSPs can improve the response times of critical applications over the network. Exinda helps improve application performance problems caused by bandwidth constraints, latency or protocol limitations.
  2. Exinda's advanced analytics for operational and business intelligence help MSPs assist their customers in managing increasingly diverse and complex networks. With the ability to visualize all traffic and diagnose network issues quickly, troubleshooting time is reduced, resulting in an improved ROI.
  3. Exinda helps ensure remote users always have reliable access to their most critical applications. Easily create policies to keep low-priority traffic from impacting overall network performance.
  4. With Exinda, MSPs can reduce IT complexity and costs while increasing user satisfaction by delivering consistently high quality application performance across the WAN or Internet for their customers.
  5. Exinda's multi-tenant management solution helps simplify operations for busy NOC staff. Administer policies and configurations across all customer networks from a central interface.

Partner Scenario

Single Digits: Managed Services for Hospitality

Single Digits was looking to differentiate itself by providing best-in-class services to the hospitality industry. As a leader in highspeed Internet access services and support, the company was looking for a competitive advantage and new revenue growth in the market.

Managed Network Solution
Single Digits partnered with Exinda and immediately improved its ability to retain customers and compete more effectively in the market. Exinda’s visibility and control of the network enabled the company to provide a higher level of service for customers.