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Exinda Higher Education
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Higher Education Networks are Constantly in Flux

Universities and colleges have embraced online courseware and learning management systems to fully engage students and create a more collaborative educational experience. Students use the Internet for a wide variety of academic and social needs and often use multiple devices at the same time. An optimal education network requires visibility into who is accessing the network, what the application is and what resources are being consumed — and most importantly have the ability to control that consumption automatically.

Control Recreational Traffic

Streaming video, social media and online gaming can congest your network. We help you identify the sites and applications that are being accessed by students and teachers to eliminate unwanted traffic across campus and enforce appropriate use of institution network assets. Our purpose-built reports also allow you to track users who may be hosting content that is subject to RIAA or MPAA copyright violation notices.

Prioritize Your Critical Applications

With the power to accelerate, shape and cache application traffic in a single solution, we help you protect strategic applications that drive day-to-day administration and deliver enhanced learning experiences from competing traffic. With Exinda you can guarantee students and teachers have a predictable Internet experience on and off campus.

Avoid Costly Bandwidth Upgrades

Campus IT teams are under pressure to reduce network operating costs and contain bandwidth expenditures. We help you protect the valuable bandwidth you have by ensuring it is fairly allocated by campus, user, group, application and time of day. With Exinda you can control network costs and delay bandwidth upgrades by eliminating wasteful consumption.