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Exinda Unified Communications
Realize the full potential

Improve Collaboration and Increase Productivity

Real-time Unified Communications applications require a significant amount of bandwidth to deliver the quality of experience users expect. When performing optimally, UC enables teams across the enterprise to collaborate and share ideas in new and exciting ways.

Guarantee Your UC&C Investment

Voice and video can’t be compressed like traditional applications and must be treated differently to deliver predictable performance. With real-time health monitoring of your network and prioritization of your UC traffic flows, we help you guarantee perfect voice and video quality for all users and help you achieve the full operational benefits of your UC deployments.

Don't Let WAN Prevent Adoption

Employee adoption is essential to realizing ROI of any UC implementation. When UC tools perform as promised, users can collaborate in real-time, helping boost productivity and drive business success. We correlate and help solve Quality of Experience issues like dropped calls and choppy audio caused by inadequate or misconfigured network infrastructures that can impede UC adoption.